How To Get Your Tough Guy Into The Spa With You

It might not be as hard as you think to get your tough guy to drop the machismo for a few hours and accompany you to the spa. In fact, studies show that nearly a third of all spa-goers are male, so it’s not like your guy is the first one to cross that invisible line he sees between masculinity and femininity. In fact, men have been crossing the line in droves on their way to spas in recent years.

The key is in the marketing. Spas aren’t calling them “manicures” and “pedicures” when the clients are men. They are using terms like “hand detailing” and “golfer’s foot treatment.” And all of a sudden it sounds like something he might need. He plays a lot of golf after all.

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If getting him into the spa with you is something you’d like to do, then here are a few tips to getting him through the door:

Do Some Research

Find a day spa that caters specifically to men as well as women. Nothing is going to send him running for the door faster than the idea of getting his nails done in a chair next to a woman who could be his mother. Find a place that will give him some privacy or at least put him in with some other guys to have his hands “detailed.”

So many men are starting to patronize spas that it will probably be easier for you to find a spa that offers specific services available for men than to find one that doesn’t.

Do Some Marketing

Tell him about the facial treatments and how they can take years off his appearance. But be careful not to make it sound like he looks old. Men are increasingly sensitive about the aging process. More and more guys are interested in looking younger longer and are willing to try a spa treatment if it delivers on the promise of more youthful-looking skin.

If he plays sports (and yes, golf counts as a sport), then be sure to mention rejuvenating and therapeutic effects of a deep tissue massage. In fact, many spas offer specific sports packages that cater to problem areas that develop from various sports. Plus the idea of going through physical therapy might appeal to him more than the idea of a day of pampering.

Do Some Planning

Make the spa trip part of a day spent together – no kids, no work, no in-laws, no worries. Plan a romantic dinner for the evening or celebrate your anniversary or Valentine’s Day that way. And be ready with some follow-up ideas if he enjoys himself. Suggest another spa day or even a spa vacation.

There are a variety of resorts that offer spa vacations that are centered on specific activities like rock climbing in the southwest or water sports in the
Caribbean. Don’t forget golf packages in Mexico and ski packages in
Colorado and Utah.

If he’s still reluctant to go with you, check out some of the men-only spas that feature a man-friendly atmosphere more reminiscent of a cigar bar than a salon. Perhaps after a trip there, he’ll be more open to considering that spa and ski package in ParkCity.

Remember, if you can get him through the door, then your chances of him enjoying it are pretty high. Just ask the millions of men who patronize these spas every year.