How To Look And Act Like The Life Of The Party

Making an entrance into a party is like a drug to some and worse than hitting your finger with a hammer for others. And then there’s surviving the mingling and small talk and the dread moments when you find yourself alone in the center of the room. Whichever end of the party-goer spectrum you find yourself lingering on here are a few tips to help even the most self-conscious socialite look and act like the life of any get-together.

Your party meter starts keeping score the minute you receive your invitation. You’ve got to know how to interpret the lingo. “Cocktail” used to literally mean a cocktail dress was expected. Now it means that you need to dress up. Try a satin minidress and high boots or a cropped blazer over satin capris.

“Black tie” still means formal wear, but you can easily get away with a chic mini dress or even the simplest long dress. One-shoulder dresses are especially stylish now and are sexy without showing it all off.

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“Festive” means you are supposed to have fun getting ready, but it’s not a costume party. It still means ‘cocktail attire’ is expected but with a play on textures and patterns and color. Long or short dress, high heels or ballet slippers, the point is to stay away from jeans and the LBD.

Regardless of how good you look, if you stroll in too late, you’re done for. The rule of thumb is that “fashionably late” is so last season. Try to be on-time, but if you can’t, follow these rules for being “acceptably late.”

There is no time allowance for weddings, funerals or performances. If you would have to apologize, you’re too late to show up. If your party is at a restaurant where a group of you will be eating together, you’ve got 10 minutes before you need to text or call to let them know exactly when you’ll be arriving.

You’ve got 15 minutes before you need to contact your hostess if they are serving food at their home. And 30 minutes is the max time you’ve got to be late for any type of party. Later than that and you’re stuck going through the drive-thru and getting your gossip from facebook.

Once you’re in the door, you’ve got to look good not only in person but in pictures. Celebrity photographer Matthew Rolston advises that you definitely wear makeup. You don’t have to wear a lot and it shouldn’t be dewy because the flash will reflect off the oils in your face and leave you looking greasy.

He also reminds us that solid colors and one statement piece of jewelry photograph much better than loud patterns and loads of gems. If you know lots of people are opting for black, wear red – don’t be afraid to pop!
Stay out of harsh light and take close-ups with a zoom lens rather than right in front of the camera where the wide-angle will stretch your features. Never face the camera. Turn slightly and put one or both hands on your hips to create a triangle that will slim your hips.

You’ve got to converse well, too. Read the front page news on MSNBC, read a book, talk about health and diets –people love to talk about what they’re eating. Find out who will be there and learn a little something about what they have in common. Most importantly, never try to sound like a know-it-all. Simply say, “I’m drawing a blank. What do you think?”