How To Go Green In Your Fashion And Beauty

It’s hard to do anything without thinking about what impact it will have on the environment. With everyone jumping on the green, eco-friendly bandwagon, you may be wondering what you can do to contribute. Luckily, the fashion and beauty industry is also getting in on the movement so now you can make a difference without having to sacrifice your style.

Already recycle and conserve energy but want to do more? Then go “green” in your beauty and fashion! Accomplishing this is just a matter of substituting the bad with the good and there are many natural alternatives that you can use.

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Natural skincare is no secret but if you’ve yet to make the switch, there’s no time like the present. When reading the labels of natural skincare and other personal beauty items, you’ll more than likely come across the following: beeswax, floral wax, olive oil, distilled water, coconut oil, herbal extracts, safflower oil, herbal clays and essential oils, to name a few.

When it comes to your body soap, you can turn to natural soap that doesn’t contain harmful detergents and other toxic chemicals. If you love animals, you can find natural soap that only contains vegetable and plant-based oil instead of animal-based ingredients. You’ll be able to find skincare cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that are completely made from natural and organic ingredients in specialty stores and many online stores.

Makeup-wise, you can purchase items that are oil-based, water-based or dry formulations for your particular skin type to keep your complexion stellar and ensure that you’re only using skin-friendly ingredients. Natural hair care is also a possibility with organic, non-toxic shampoos that are soap-based and contain essential oils, herbal extracts, and natural cleansers. There are even natural lighteners, pomades, hair dyes, rinses, conditioners and anti-frizz items.

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You can even go green with the clothes you choose to wear. There is eco-friendly clothing made of organic hemp, linen, soy, bamboo, cotton, and wool. Stay away from clothes that are made of synthetic materials and blends. White fabrics tend to be made with a lot of bleach (not good) and dyes contain colors that use toxic substances, synthetic chemicals, and heavy metals so stay away from these types of garments as well. Even washing your clothes can be eco-friendly by using cleaning solutions that don’t contain bleach or detergent.

Think that’s all you can do to be friendly to Mother Earth? Turn your accessories into eco-friendly items, too! You can find green jewelry online or in specialty stores. Green jewelry uses gems, stones, and metals that have been recycled instead of standards practices that cause unnecessary pollution. Opt for diamonds that are labeled “recycled,” “conflict-free,” or “free trade.” Other examples of green jewelry include bamboo, clay beads, concrete, stone, and hemp.

Fond of ordering stuff online? Do the environment a favor and instead of tossing out your packages, boxes, and containers, recycle them. You can use them for holding and wrapping gifts or for storage around the house. For your favorite cosmetic products, choose those that can be refilled, that way you won’t be throwing away bottle after bottle or package after package.

It only takes a few small changes in your daily routine to make a difference in how we take care of the planet.