How to Encourage Fitness In Your Office

fitness office

Today a company has to keep that “edge” in order to be successful. This means that you need to think a bit outside of the box and find ways to cut costs without sacrificing morale in the office setting. One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging fitness and physical activity by all of your employees.

Everyone gets tired of simply sitting at a desk for hours at a time.

A brief exercise break can help an individual “unwind”. Exercise also stimulates the mind and helps people focus on the work at hand. At the same time this increased activity will benefit the body.

While many activities do take place outdoors there are ways to get people interested in indoor fitness activities.

Look for exercise programs that can be performed at the desk. Incorporate exercise periods into the work-day. Support these programs and encourage full participation from others. As the leader of your crew you can bring new fitness ideas from the outdoors into the indoor environment.

Consider promoting personal fitness by offering healthy incentives to all employees. Whether you choose a weight loss campaign or a “stop smoking” exercise plan it is easy to get people on board through the use of an incentive plan. Make a list of possible incentives and let the employees vote on the ones that they would like you to put in effect.

Coupons for free salads and healthy meals are often more welcome than a box of fattening doughnuts. Check with gyms and fitness centers to see what types of group fitness plans they offer.

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Be creative when choosing these special incentives. Your office workers could compete for a variety of gifts and awards; like an extra personal day, a spa-day retreat, a gift basket of fresh fruit and flowers, or a coupon that can be redeemed for a back massage. Any of these ideas would serve as wonderful inspiration for your employees.

Designate certain days as “healthy eating time”. Provide nutritious, healthy lunches and snacks for all employees. Raisins, fresh fruit, veggie trays, lettuce wraps and other goodies can be the beginning platform that helps people choose nutritionally sound meals.

A personal trainer can be hired to implement an exercise program for all office workers. You could make the exercise sessions a part of the usual lunch break, or offer these sessions periodically throughout the week.

Remember that the main focus is to help break up the boring routine of a low-activity daily schedule. An office fitness program does not have to cost a great deal of money. You can plan daily walks for all employees. The walks could be as brief as 15 minutes and still deliver incredible health benefits over time.

Present each employee with a pedometer and then award the individuals who log the most miles at the end of the fitness campaign. You can decide whether to give out weekly or monthly awards.Of course a designated walking course is an ideal choice.

Some employers have even decided to transform a small room into an on-site fitness center. These rooms are usually equipped with a treadmill, some free weights and drinking water. The main idea is to help promote better fitness and eliminate high work stress levels.With an office fitness challenge you need to set an exact start date.

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Be precise about the ending date and be sure to track those results. People are often more motivated when they can follow the results and find out how they stack up against the competition.Keep your eyes on the bottom line- office profitability and productivity.

It is a proven fact that you can boost office morale through an increase in the level of physical activity. A brief respite from an 8 hour desk job can work wonders. Exercise and physical activities can improve any individual’s personal health and fitness level.

Encouraging healthier fitness regimens among your employees is a two-way street. Your efforts will certainly benefit the individuals who take action. An increase in fitness and physical activity can result in improved health, lowered blood pressure, better cardiovascular status and weight loss.

Employers will also find that their efforts result in substantial savings for employee health care coverage. The employees who exercise on a regular basis are also happier about their jobs. This means a decrease in call-outs and absenteeism. Higher levels of employee morale and increased productivity are additional benefits for employers to consider.