Why Choose High Quality Hair Shears?

If you are looking for a pair of hair shears for cutting hair, you’ve likely noticed that there is a great variety of options available. Different prices, metals, styles, etc. It can be confusing to look at all the options and choose the best pair of hair scissors for you. Whether you are a professional hairdresser or a stay at home mom who cuts your children’s hair, it makes sense for you to buy a top quality pair of shears.

These are just some of the reasons you should invest in a high-quality pair of shears, rather than a cheaper, lower quality pair. Every stylist knows that great metal leads to a great cut. A scissor created with high-quality metals will have a sharper blade that does a better job of cutting. Of course, a sharp, precise cut is always the goal. If you choose a lower quality, cheap pair of $40 shears, they will be created from a lower quality metal. Because of this, they will need sharpening more often, will not last as long and can get nicks in the blade that will affect the efficiency and precision of your cut.

A higher quality pair of shears will also last longer. A good comparison is purchasing your child a pair of jeans at a boutique for $50, or a cheap pair at a discount store for $10. Inevitably, the cheaper pair does not last long, as it gets holes in the knees and bum quickly. The more expensive pair, however, will likely still be in good condition after the children have outgrown them! Hair scissors are the same. Cheaper pairs, besides having a lower quality of metal, will also have cheaper mechanisms that will not last long. You may also have to work harder over time to have them cut, making them less efficient and harder on your wrist.

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Another reason to buy a top quality pair of shears is warranty. Lower quality shears rarely offer their purchasers a good warranty, as they aren’t expected to last long, and they break more easily and more often. A better shear is often accompanied with a great warranty, as the companies know that their shears will rarely have a problem and they stand behind the quality.

These shears may cost a bit more, but you are getting a top quality scissor that will last much longer and you are protected. A great pair of shears is an investment that will pay you back well. Not only will your blades be stronger and last longer, the mechanisms will flow more smoothly, creating less strain on your wrists, and you will have a better warranty. Overall, you will create more professional and more precise haircuts which will leave your client or customer very happy and bring you repeat business. Invest well in a great pair of high-quality hair shears.

How To Get The Perfect Curls (From Straight To Curly)

Beautiful natural looking curls are one of the hottest trends for this year and why not? They’re sexy and alluring, playful and even romantic, yet if you have straight hair the thought of a beautiful head of curls may seem impossible. Going from straight to curly hair isn’t hopeless, however. There are several ways you can achieve perfect curls.

In the past, perms were an easy option for curling hair. While this may be a more permanent solution for great curls, its chemicals are harsh and can damage the hair. Instead of opting for a perm, try sponge rollers.


Blow-dry your hair until it only slightly damp, then divide hair into sections and roll each section on to the roller and secure with the plastic clip. Depending on the desired look, you may want to try large rollers for a looser curl or smaller rollers for a tighter curl.


With the rollers still in your hair, allow the hair to dry naturally if possible. Using a blow dryer can cause your curls to separate and create a frizzy effect. If you must use a blow dryer, make sure that you turn it to the lowest setting when drying.


Once your hair dries, remove the rollers and apply a dime to quarter size amount of hair shine product depending on the length of your hair.


To achieve your desired style; use your fingers to create the look. Using a comb or brush will damage curls and cause them to become frizzy.


Finally, you may need to use a holding spray if you would like your curls to last a little longer. If so, remember to use a light touch since too much spray can cause stiff hair and curls to fall.

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Another option you may want to try is hot rollers. Hot rollers are a quicker way to achieve curls than sponge rollers. However, hot rollers can damage hair over time, so please keep that in mind.


Make sure hair is clean and dry before you begin. If desired, apply a volumizing mousse or styling cream from roots to ends to allow curls to set better. Divide hair into sections and roll each section on hot roller, then secure with the fitting pin. Again, depending on the desired style, use large hot rollers for a looser curl and smaller hot rollers for a tighter curl.

2nd :

Allow the rollers to set for at least 20 – 30 minutes. Anything less than 20 minutes will only result in a wave.


Remove the sitting pin and then gently remove the roller. Repeat until you have removed all of the hot rollers.


Once the hot rollers have been removed, apply a hair shining product and then using your fingers, create a hairstyle that you desire. Remember that using combs or brushes can cause your curls to become frizzy and even fall.


To finish the look apply a holding spray if desired.

Another optional heating tool you can use to create perfect curls is a curling iron. Again keep in mind; heated tools can eventually damage your hair. Try to use heating tools as little as often to prevent damage.

1st :

To begin; choose a size and style of curling iron that will achieve the results that you want. Small barrel irons will produce small curls while large barrel irons will produce large curls. If you are interested in achieving spiral curls, there are curling irons meant for creating spirals.


Separate hair into sections and beginning at the ends of your hair, wide each section onto the barrel of the iron stopping when you are 2- 3 inches away from the scalp. DO NOT roll any further than this since the heat from the curling iron can cause serious burns to your scalp. Hold the iron for no more than one minute and then gently unwind the section of hair from the barrel.


Carefully pin back each curled section of hair and continue to curl your hair in the same manner in step.


When all of your hair has been curled, carefully remove the pinned curls and leave as is or run your fingers through the curls until you get the look you want.


Finish the look with a holding spray to keep the curls into place, if you desire.

The above are just a few ideas you can try, to achieve perfect curls. If you’d like a few other natural options, try curling wet hair with rags and allowing hair to dry naturally. You can also try simply twisting wet hair and pinning it up into place with bobby pins. Once the hair is dry remove the bobby pins for a soft natural curl. And if all else fails, try a hair extension. No matter how you decide to curl your hair the choices are virtually unlimited and with a little time and patience you can achieve beautiful perfect curls, naturally.